A Display Panel management tool.

This project is based on top of The Demo Effect Collection project. You can find more about this project at this address. Thanks to W.P. van Paassen for his kind help.

Technical overview of ZDISPLAY :

How to set up ZDISPLAY

First download TDEC last version code (prefer CVS or the last tarball)

Download ZDISPLAY data in the CVS tree in order to create a ZDISPLAY subdir in demo-effects directory.

You should have some problems generating the Makefile if you do .configure in TDEC . If so, just use the Makefile delivered with zdisplay. We will work on this part in order that ZDISPLAY integrate nicely in TDEC makefile.

Create a myslq database called zdisplay, create tables with zdisplay.sql. Create a mysql login/password zdisplay/zdisplay that can access (read/write) to zdisplay database.

Install the directory www-zdisplay in your web server tree anywhere you want. Go to http://mywebserver/zdisplay (or the location where you put the content of www-zdisplay)


We look for people writing new effects (scroll, background), drawing a logo for this project, draw new fonts for the scrolls, ...) and documentation writer or web site maintainer.

Don't forget to have a look to the sourceforge pages for mailing list (coming soon !) download, and latest news about ZDISPLAY

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